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Ten Lines on Healthy Food for Health

  1. In our diet, it is very important to have vitamins, protein and calcium along with green vegetables.
  2. A good body can be wished only by eating well and having high quality vitamins, etc. If the food is not good and quality, then our health can face some serious obstacles.
  3. We get all kinds of vitamins, protein, etc. in milk, curd, butter, lentils, wheat, green vegetables and fruits, so we need to eat them all.
  4. Along with good food for good health, we also have to see that the use of fast food in our food is very less or not at all. Because it is made without using maida and good quality oil. These are subsequently the cause of serious health problems.
  5. There are a lot of natural food sources in the world, and the vegetables and parties made from natural contain really good vitamins for our health.
  6. Green vegetables and fruits are a great boon for all of us as natural foods.
  7. People must do gardening on a small basis so that they can grow pure vegetables and their own food. In such a situation, you will have complete purity in your food.
  8. If you can grow vegetables, fruits etc. for food in your garden, then it will be the safest for you.
  9. Not everyone should take fat in food or take less amount of fat so that energy, agitation etc. remain in their body. Fat-free foods make us fit and healthy.
  10. Always use calcium, protein, vitamins etc. in the food, there will always be strength, agility etc. in the body.


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